Pharmaceutical Injections

We are a trusted name as Pharmaceutical Injections Supplier in the country. The two different variants of Pharmaceutical Injections that we deal in are Clexane Injection and Terifrac Injection. These Pharmaceutical Injections are manufactured at well-developed manufacturing facility and subsequently tested in hi-tech laboratories to ensure effectiveness. Buyers from all over the country can purchase Pharmaceutical Injections in bulk from us.

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Encicarb Injection

Manufacturer Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Generic Iron (Carbonyl Iron),  Encicarb Injection contains Elemental Iron as an active ingredient. Encicarb Injection works by works as a dietary supplement to fulfill the iron deficiencies and regulate oxygen in the blood.


Headon Injection

Headon is a synthetic cyclic 14 amino acid peptide (identical in structure and activity to naturally occurring Headon). Naturally occurring Headon (also known as growth hormone-inhibiting hormone) is a peptide hormone that regulates the endocrine system and affects neurotransmission and cell proliferation via interaction with G protein-coupled


Humatrope Injection

Somatropin belongs to a class of medications known as growth stimulants. Somatropin is a synthetic growth hormone. Growth hormone is made naturally in our bodies by the pituitary gland and is necessary for stimulation of growth in children.


Cresp 40 Injection

Cresp inj is available in 40mg and 200mg, alt information for Cresp injection Darbepoetin Alfa Cresp injection usesCresp injection is used in the treatment of anemia due to chemotherapy and anemia due to chronic kidney disease.

How Cresp injection works, Cresp injection is a growth factor that stimulates the bone marrow to produce


Clexane Injection

Our association with the leading pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies makes us a renowned Clexane Injection Supplier. We only deal in genuine Clexane Injections that have accurate composition and are highly effective. They are manufactured in compliance with the requisite quality standards. Place bulk orders for them with


Terifrac Injection

Get in touch with us for buying Terifrac Injection in bulk. We are an authorized Supplier of Terifrac Injections. We deal in genuine Pharmaceutical Injections that are procured from the trustworthy manufacturing companies. Buyers from all over the country can purchase Terifrac Injections from us. We have efficient logistics for